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DWA Outsourcing Lifecycle:

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The DWA Outsourcing Lifecycle provides a framework for the development and management of an outsourcing agreement from its very contemplation through to its final implementation and ongoing execution and governance. Each phase of the lifecycle presents its own unique challenges and opportunities and there is significant advantage in leveraging the learning experienced by others who have successfully navigated their way through this process. That way it is possible to avoid some of the pitfalls and land mines that typically arise. The framework above is comprehensive yet practical. It will lead you through a process that enables you to optimize the design of your outsourcing agreement and get the most out of your relationship with your service provider.

The Lifecycle identifies ten phases and 50 governance disciplines that DWA understands in-depth. Governance design must remain forefront throughout the execution of each of the ten steps of the Lifecycle. Clients gain extensive expertise through knowledge transfer in each of these areas when relying on DWA leadership through each step of the process.

understands outsourcing and what it takes to be successful.

understands how important it is to design effective governance into every aspect of your agreement.

is aware of industry leading practices and can show you how to apply these to your outsourcing.

offers in-depth technical and business expertise that can add value to your outsourcing initiative.

offers a proven, structured life cycle methodology, templates and reusable tools to lead you effectively through every phase of the outsourcing process.

has extensive experience working with both clients and service providers in the design and negotiation of outsourcing agreements and governance models.

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